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Our Products

All our products include a full range of ultrasonic converters, boosters, horns, generators, and fixtures, all with a 100 percent warranty. We stand behind every product we sell. Please check out our warranty policy for further details.

New, rebuilt and pre-owned converters, boosters and horns

Ultrasonic Converter Tech (USCT) has been manufacturing ultrasonic converters and transducers, as well as boosters and ultrasonic tooling and horns, since the early ’80s. USCT manufactures and rebuilds all brands and models of converters and transducers for use with the assembly of plastics, metals, slitting and cutting of textiles, ultrasonic liquid processing, as well as ultrasonic lab equipment and ultrasonic food cutting and packaging.

When you’re in the market for ultrasonics, USCT can handle all your needs. USCT manufactures and rebuilds all of our converters in the USA. Unlike some companies that do not manufacture the converters that they sell, USCT does everything in-house to ensure the highest quality and best value.

USCT is known for offering the best warranty and prices worldwide. We maintain complete control over the materials we use and the production of all our converters. Whether you are in the market for Dukane ultrasonic transducers and converters, Branson ultrasonic converters, Sonic and Materials ultrasonic converters, Herrmann ultrasonic converters, or any other brand, you can count on us.

We also provide custom converters to meet your special applications.

All of our toolings are customized to fit your parts and operate with your current welding systems, no matter the frequency or brand.

USCT prides itself in assisting both large and small companies with their unique product applications. We have been providing quality products to industries including automotive, film and fabric, medical, food processing, metal welding, liquid processing, packaging, textile, and ultrasonic machining.

However special your application is, USCT stands prepared to work with you.

All of our ultrasonic converters are thoroughly tested on high gain horns and boosters to ensure they operate flawlessly. We only use the highest quality components and materials. As a result, our converters will perform as good as new at half the cost.

Our staff can provide a fast turnaround rebuilding your converter or providing you with a new replacement. You can contact us 24/7 if the need presents itself.

Generally, we can ship within 72 hours. In emergencies, we can provide a turnaround within 24 hours, or in many cases, we have it on the shelf and can ship immediately.

We stand 100% behind every product we ship to our customers and will have you up and running in no time.

We offer a free evaluation and testing of your ultrasonic components and equipment and consulting on new or existing applications that may be problematic.

Contact us today for more information about our products and services.

Brands we sell

We sell converters used in plastic welders, metal welders, sonifiers and replacement converters for Branson, Dukane, Sonics and Materials, Herrmann and others.


Quality customers

Ultrasonic Converter Tech has a wide range of high quality customers.

Warranty Policy

USCT warranties converters to be free from defects for a period of three years for new and two years for refurbished converters. Warranty includes either repairing or replacing, at USCT's discretion one time only during that period.

USCT will warranty all generators for a period of one year. Before returning the product back to USCT, customers must contact USCT to get approval to return. Upon receiving the product, USCT will inspect and review and determine the course of action. If the product is deemed to be inoperable due to damage or abuse, this would not be covered under warranty. Should the user have any questions pertaining to the USCT warranty policy, please contact us.


The failure rate of our converters is less than one percent. The reason for our low failure rate is because USCT tests every converter we build prior to shipping. Each one is put through rigorous testing and data recorded to ensure we know the history of every converter and transducer we manufacture.


USCT will decide to repair or replace our products at our discretion after receiving it in our facility.


Any information collected is never shared with any 3rd party companies. We take privacy very seriously.