Professional ultrasonic generator repair


When your ultrasonic generator isn’t working the way it should, you are quickly going to find out just how important it is to your day-to-day production. To reduce your downtime as much as possible, you need to be able to get that piece of equipment back into working order as quickly as possible. That is when the team at USCT steps in to help.

We provide comprehensive ultrasonic generator repair services to help you get your system working like new again. Our fast turnaround time and competitive prices mean your bottom-line won’t have to take a big hit while you get your system back up and running.

Contact us first before sending us your generator, and we will be happy to assist you in figuring out exactly what your generator needs. Just tell us the model of the generator you have and the problems you are experiencing, our testing services are provided free of charge.

USCT Is replacing an option?

Sometimes, the condition of your existing generator just doesn’t make sense to try and repair. When that is the case, our team can still help you save money by offering you a selection of pre-owned, refurbished generators. These generators work just like new and are a tremendous cost-saving alternative to buying a brand-new piece of equipment. Reach out for our ultrasonic converter repair today to learn more about what goes into the refurbishing process.


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Dukane generator


Dukane generator




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