Ultrasonic Tooling and Horns

USCT manufactures all types of custom and standard ultrasonic horns and fixtures. Whether it’s a contoured custom ultrasonic horn or a standard one, we can help. We supply ultrasonic horns and sonotrodes that are made for plastic and metal welding, as well as packaging, food processing, ultrasonic food cutting and liquid processing. Furthermore, an ultrasonic horn can be used for textile cutting, sealing, material sieving, degassing.

USCT serves a variety of industries. Such as: Medical, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Food, Photograph, Defense. Our products are found in a variety of industries worldwide.

We can duplicate any ultrasonic horn you are using or manufacture a new one based on your part design. We can also resurface and retune worn horns that are no longer in frequency. USCT will test your horn, booster and converter together and individually to identify any problems at no charge. We can also troubleshoot your existing application if there are assembly problems.

Give us a call today. We are always here to help you in any way we can.