Custom & standard ultrasonic tooling and horns


When it comes to providing everything from contoured custom ultrasonic horns to just standard versions, the team at USCT is ready to assist you. We provide only the best in ultrasonic tooling and horns manufactured to meet your needs.

We supply ultrasonic horns and sonotrodes that are made for metal and plastic welding as well as food processing, packaging, ultrasonic food cutting, and liquid processing. Not only that, but our ultrasonic sealing, textile cutting, degassing, and material sieving. Contact us for a free test to learn how Ultrasonic Converter Tech can deliver the perfect products to your factory.

Ultrasonic customized to your industry

Performance is key when it comes to parts like an ultrasonic horn. That means if you need to replace your existing horn or already know exactly what type you need, we can manufacture you one based on your part design. Our services also include resurfacing and returning worn horns that are no longer in frequency to help you regain performance at a lower cost.

Not sure what is causing your horn not to work as it should? Send it to us for a free test, and we will run a diagnostic on your horn, booster, and converter together and individually to identify any problems at no charge. We also troubleshoot your existing application to find the root of any assembly problems you might be experiencing.

USCT services a variety of different industries worldwide. Some of the most common clients we work with include those working in the:

Medical Industry

Automotive Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Food Industry

Photograph Industry

Defense Industry

Chemical Industy

Packaging Industry