Impressively-rebuilt ultrasonic converters


The purpose of rebuilding converters is to save you money when compared to buying a brand-new one instead. With that in mind, USCT doesn’t just go right into offering you rebuilt ultrasonic converters when you reach out to us.

When you send your converter to USCT, we will perform a free physical examination and test to find out exactly why your converter failed. Through these tests and examinations, we can determine if it was, in fact, the converter that caused your problems or not. Sometimes, we find that it is not the converter at all, but rather something else in the welder causing the problem—such as a failed horn or bad amplitude control board.

Once we know the cause of your problem, we can then begin to offer you the solutions you actually need so you don’t have to waste any money getting your system back into working order.

Rebuilt rebuilding dukane & branson ultrasonic converters

The main component of a converter, no matter the manufacturer, is known as the driver. The driver includes 4-6 piezoelectric ceramics in a 20 kHz system and 2-4 ceramics at various other frequencies. These ceramics are separated by stainless steel wafers that distribute positive and negative ground across each ceramic’s surface. They are then matched and measured to meet the highest efficiency.

When you purchase a rebuilt converter from us, you are getting a converter that includes all new parts. All of these internal parts are replaced. The only thing we don’t change out is the canister you returned to us that houses your broken converter. Even better, you get a full 2-year warranty with every rebuilt converter that leaves our factory.

If you don’t have an ultrasonic converter available to be rebuilt, then you may purchase a new one or rebuilt one from us. Contact us to receive a free estimate on your converter, booster, or horn.

Branson converters

Branson 402 800 Series 20 kHz 101-135-014
Branson 803 800 Series 20 kHz 101-135-040
Branson 902J 900 Series 20 kHz 101-135-047
Branson 902RA 900 Series 40kHz
Branson 922JA 900 Series 20kHz 101-135-049
Branson CJ-20 2000, 2000x Series 20kHz 101-135-059R
Branson 502 1170, 1300 20kHz 101-135-032
Branson 102C Models 182/184V or P20kHz
Military style RF connector
Branson 802 8600 Press welder 101-135-034
Branson 108 Model 186 108-006-883
Branson 103 Model 187 101-135-039
Branson 105 Model 188P
Branson 502Short Model 1170, 1300 125-135-086
Branson 4TH
Branson 4TJ 40 kHz 101-135-041
Branson 4TP 40 kHz 101-135-068
Branson 4TR 40 kHz 101-135-

CR converters

Frequency RF Connection Description Branson EDP No.
20 kHz S CR-20S 125-135-115R
30 kHz S CR-30S 101-135-081R
40 kHz S CR-40S 101-135-067R
20 kHz C CR-20C 159-135-210R
30 kHz C CR-30C 159-135-213R
40 kHz C CR-40C 159-135-215R

CH converters

Frequency RF Connection Description Branson EDP No.
20 kHz S CR-20S 159-135-075R
30 kHz S CR-30S 101-135-071R
20 kHz C CR-20C 159-135-211R
30 kHz C CR-30C 159-135-214R

CS converters

Frequency RF Connection Description Branson EDP No.
20 kHz S CR-20S 159-135-138R
30 kHz S CR-30S 159-135-110R
20 kHz C CR-20C 159-135-212R
30 kHz C CR-30C 159-135-212R

2000 series

Frequency Description
20KHz CJ-20, CR-20, CS-20
30KHz CS-30 CJ-30, CA-30, CH-30
40KHz 4TJ, 4TR, 4TP, 4TF

900 series

Frequency Description
15KHz 915AEJ
20KHz 932, 922JA, 502, 922RA, 902JA, 902RA
40KHz 4TJ ,4TR, 4TP, 4TF

800 series

Frequency Description
20KHz 502,402,102,108,105

40KHz 4TJ ,4TR, 4TP, 4TF

Dukane transducers/ converters

Dukane Style Part# Dukane Welder Models
Heavy Duty 110-3122 43A250, 43A255, 43D255
43E255, 43A260, 43B260
Magnum 110-3122A Used in 210, 220 compatible

With older models.

43A250,43A255, 43D255

43E255, 43A260, 43B260
Standard 40 KHz 110-3429 For all Dukane 40KHz using 43A240 press/thruster and generator of 700 watts or less
Slimline 110-3168 This 20KHz using small form transducer with 500, 1000, 1200, 1500, 1600, 1700, 1800 and 2000 watt.


Frequency Description
20 KHz 41S20S
20 KHz 41c30-185
40 KHz 41c28

Herrmann ultrasonic converters

Ultrasonic Welder Converter Model
A-KHS 20-S-IP65-L
KHS 30-S-IP65-L

Telsonic converters

Torsional Converters
Screening Converters
Linear weld converters

Sonics & materials converters

ALL FREQUENCIES 15kHz, 20kHz, 40kHz